Rolly Brown is a lifelong student of the guitar. He has been a National Fingerpicking Champion (1980), a Philadelphia Music Award nominee, a solo performer, sideman, and teacher. Folk, blues, ragtime, bluegrass, country, & jazz have each, over the past 57 years, been his passions. Acoustic Guitar Magazine calls Rolly’s guitar sound “an exceptionally melodic, articulate playing style that takes full advantage of the acoustic guitar’s beautiful tone.” Wise sage Bennett Hammond says, “He’s the real deal, the gen-you-wine article, the guitar picker’s guitar picker.” Blues master Andy Cohen (who IS prone to hyperbole) told Rolly, “Dammit, you are the best that ever was. You may quote me.”

Rolly has released 6 CD’s on his Aussie Dog label, and the renowned Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop has released fifteen of Rolly’s instructional DVDs as well as various downloadable lessons.