About Us

Calling All Acoustic Music Lovers, Novice to Professional

WUMB’s Acoustic Music Camps are proud to celebrate over 25 years of offering exceptional teaching and music instruction to adult students in a welcoming and supportive environment. Sponsored by WUMB Radio in Boston, Massachusetts, our Music Camps offer an exuberant experience of jamming, workshops, and musical collaboration with instructors attuned to the needs of each student. Class topics include Flatpicking and Fingerstyle Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Voice, Blues Styles, and Songwriting, as well as the opportunity to learn sound reinforcement skills. Dancing is also a playful component of the summer program.

Our camps provide the rare opportunity for students to put aside daily distractions, make new friends and renew and deepen existing friendships, work on new skills and refine existing abilities, and immerse themselves in the music they want to create. WUMB is also looking ahead, building a successful platform of Music Camp opportunities that will ensure our ongoing success, all in the joy of music and community.